Nexxt Solutions offers a variety of shelves to meet all of your cabinet and rack mounting needs. Our 19-inch black steel rack mount shelves are compatible with most 19-inch EIA standard racks. These easy-to-install shelves fit all components from 17.15-inch up to 18.85-inch wide. Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction and black powder coat finish for lasting strength and durability. Our rack shelves are designed to support a variety of electronic devices and heavy equipment. These rack shelves come with upward flanges and they have a small tab at front and rear to prevent products from sliding. For indoor use only, in environmentally controlled areas, may not be used outdoors, in industrial or harsh environments or in plenum spaces. In addition, they can be mounted upside-down by just turning the shelf over if a completely flat surface is required. In this case, the equipment can be deeper than the rack mount shelf, as long as the equipment is installed on the opposite side of the flanges. 
The shelves can be attached to any rack hole (2 or 3 positions per U space). Fits square, round, threaded holes. Each unit is individually boxed.
•Double Vented shelf – Feature a vented surface that provides airflow to critical equipment in order to avoid overheating.
• Fits any 2 and 4 post rack
• Fits square, round, threaded holes
•Each unit can hold up to 150lb
• Suitable for equipment of up to 22-inch deep